Consignment Secrets

Maximizing your Consignment Cash

  • We select items from upscale retail, Department Stores, High-end mall shops, Designer Boutique's just to name a few. Designers and Brands that have positive name recognition are more desired. Items should look like new, be clean, in season, and ready to wear.
  • Also, please make sure the items are clean inside and out (odor free, no smoky smell, mildew, perfume or other scents). We simply cannot say this any stronger. Our garment specialists who will review your item(s) have an eye for fashion trends and really look in close detail at the garment to ensure it is appropriate for our store. So it benefits you to pay attention too.
  • Check the fabric carefully and make sure there are no spots, snags, pilling of the fabric, ripped seams or any other unseemly marks on the item.
  • Items brought in should be in line with the current season. We are not like department stores, we do not select items for upcoming seasons. Please hold on to these items until they are appropriate.
  • If you have a trendy wardrobe, bring the items ASAP while the trend is still "in".
  • Shoes should look unworn and clean. It is nice if you wipe them off and remove dust, etc. We don't like to see footprints in the bottom of the shoe, indicating that they are well-worn.
  • All items should be clean and "Ready to Wear". If you can get rid of some of the wrinkles, that often helps sell an item.
  • As for styles, we like clean simple lines, without too much embellishment. Neutral colors and solids, subtle prints. Items that make people want to take them home and that fit into our casual California lifestyle. Items that are hard to let go of are usually more profitable.
  • At this time, we generally sell sizes from 0 - 18.
  • On luxury items, receipts can be very helpful in determining establishing authenticity and buyer confidence as well as the starting price. Please bring them if you have them.
  • For those in the fashion industry, notes about newer brand prices are helpful.
  • When in doubt, remember, items must be "Ready to Wear, Like New, In Season - Basically Perfect
  • Assessment of item(s) is subjective. We see such a volume of items, so please don't take it personally if we don't choose your items. We may already have a huge volume of like items.
  • Our price guidelines typically start at one-half to one-third of the retail price based on the age and condition of the garment.