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March, 2014 Volume 1, Issue 1

We Have Turned 21!!

Well, who would have thought that a decision made 21 years ago would be still going strong!

It seems fitting that our anniversary should include the publication of our first newsletter. We have a lot of exciting news since we are now offering Trade, Buy Outright and Traditional consignment to provide more choices for you.


2014 Brings New Choices for You

The start of the new year brought exciting changes at Return Engagement. We have added more options for you, you can now choose to buy from us, sell to us, trade with us, or consign with us.

SELL:We will total up what we would start the prices at. We pay 30% of our estimated resale prices, for most items on the spot.

If you don’t plan on shopping here, or prefer be paid today, or need money now, this is the choice for you.

TRADE: If you choose to trade with us, you will receive a 50% “gift card” for store credit of estimated resale starting prices, for most items.*
We keep track of your credit for you, in our system so you don’t have to have your gift card in hand. If you want to shop without “coming out of pocket” this option gives you the most return credit. If you always shop here, are ready to shop now or want shop later, this is the choice for you.

Our consignment works the same. You receive 50% of the actual selling price once items are sold. Items starting at $20.00 or less are donated if they don't sell. Items priced over $20 can returned if you don't want to donate them to one of our very special charities.

If you want to wait for items to sell, with the possibility of making a little more, or have mostly things we will price over $99. Then consignment is the choice for you.

(Earnings depend on the merchandise and sales, after markdowns and unsold items.)

Consignment has been very good to us, we love consignment, but what we love even more is helping people more quickly. Our new Sell & Trade features payout's up front without having to wait for sales to complete in order to be paid. We assume the overhead and you can shop or get paid today!

*We allow Sell/Trade buyouts for most items with a resale priced $99.00 Or less. Items resale priced over $100.00 are sold mostly by consignment. Some items such as jewelry may be purchased by the lot. Cleaning repairs & other factors affect payout's.

Join our 21st Birthday Party

Stop by the shop in March and celebrate with us. The first 1000 customers in the store after this is published will receive a coupon for 21% off your next purchase. The coupon is good till May 1st, 2014.

What We're Looking For

The best rule of thumb of what to bring is to think about the types of things YOU are currently shopping for to wear over the next three months. Currently that would be Spring, transitional and layering items. Sleeves are still a good thing, light jackets for the weather. Designer luxury items that are unique and special and fit today’s casual lifestyle are among the most popular sellers. Purses, Shoes and Separates are our best sellers, and sure to fill your wallet with extra coins. Remember the harder it is for you to part with, most likely you will receive the most for.

21 Years of RESALE HerSTORY

Return Engagement was established by the well-respected Joyce Pixley in 1984. Her sister came up with the name of the store. The name is in reference to the theatre, where when a show is a big hit, it is brought back for a "Return Engagement" Joyce was a savvy and wise woman.

I started out as a customer. I was thrilled with the jewelry collection. I mentioned to Joyce that "you never find consignment stores with such nice jewelry." She said “Well my business is for sale”, to which I said “I am just a kid, I don’t have any money, I can’t do that!” Her reply “Well its only a small amount down down and a little bit each month.” The numbers sounded interesting. I thought maybe, just maybe, I could do that. As I considered the idea, I noticed the hours on the door were 11-6, and I said “I can do that!”

I purchased the store from her 3/8/93, and you would think such a simple business transaction would happen easily! However, I really had to convince her that I was the right person for the store. Once she realized the store would be in good hands, she allowed me to purchase the store and the rest is history.

Over the years I have learned that it is the relationships that drive the success of this neighborhood resale shop.

What a journey it has been. All the changes over the years. The original location was much smaller. First I expanded into shop next door with a 4 foot hole in the wall. For the first six years, everything was handwritten. The tickets, inventory sheets, and sales. Finally we got a bar coded ticketing & POS system. This was such an improvement, and I know it saved my love of this business. Then, eleven years ago, we moved to our current location on Avenue I. Every day here is a gift. We are in such a beautiful area that is filled with wonderful people.

The model is often imitated, others come and go, most are never quite the same as our one and only official Return Engagement. I believe Return Engagement is the product of our phenomenal relationships. We still do business with dozens of clients inherited from Joyce all those years ago. I cherish these lovely ladies and our ever growing family of resale loving gals that have shopped, supplied the shop with great clothing and shared about their lives.

It’s been an honor to work with so many amazing ladies. We have the greatest clients of any shop anywhere. We have made some amazing friends! Cheers to you! Cheers to the lovely things that have been here. Cheers to sharing the ups and downs and weathering the storms. Cheers to this happy 21 year milestone of resale. Cheers to our future, and to YOU! YOU are a vital part of the Return Engagement family.

As for Joyce, I owe her the world and am forever grateful for selling this business to me! This business has become my life!

Please feel free to give us your feedback on our new options and ideas you have for the newsletter!

We'll see you at the shop!

Alicia and the staff